Our kennels

Our Kennels are situated in near Maasmechelen / Belgium.

Spring is a wonderful season out here when all the trees are in blossom.

Outside our dogs have a large playarea in the garden with a roofed over kennel.

If necessary we can divide the outside kennel into two parts, so that we can keep the dogs separate.

Joyce Collis

outside kennel and the 2 playareas

With extremely bad weather or after grooming our dogs can stay in our inside kennels. These kennels are attached to the house, behind the kitchen. This allows us to have a good interaction with the dogs. Mostly the dogs only go there to sleep because most of the time they are with us in the living room or in the kitchen.

Our inside kennels are provided with the necessary daylight, ventilation, heating (if necessary), a large shower for the dogs and a grooming area.

Next to these inside kennels is an area for our bitches to give birth and where the puppies can play safely.